Routes 001: Commodo

Routes is a new feature that traces the music which influenced some of our favourite producers.

First up is Sheffield born Deep Medi artist Commodo, who has compiled us a video playlist of some of the music that helped shape his sound in one way or another.


01: Mobb Deep – Survival Of The Fittest

“The funereal chord progression and samples that come in on top are amazing, I’ve tried to recreate that vibe a few times. Never really came close.”

02: Bob James – Nautilus

“Such a jam. I think this is one of the most sampled records of all time and it’s clear why. I never had the balls to sample from it but it definitely affected my own tastes when it comes to crate digging.”

03: Dillinja – Hard Noize

“Dillinja’s sound design always had a big influence on me. When I tried my hand at making drum & bass when I was younger I couldn’t make anything without ripping him off but really really badly. He’s definitely had an impact on how I process drum sounds and make basslines though.”

04: GZA – 4th Chamber

“Maybe my favourite track on the Liquid Swords album.. distorted bass & squealing synth & slightly out of tune guitar & little bleeps. Properly ominous beat. Also a killer Shogun Assassin sample.”

05: Fleetwood Mac – Everywhere

“I remember being really into this when I was very very little; it might have been the first time I noticed any particular emotional reaction to hearing music. I think I also might have had mild synesthesia at that age.. possibly. Anyway, I got serious melancholic feeling from this song and it might have been the first time I enjoyed music.”

06: Mr V feat. Platinum – U & I

“Niche/Bassline has always been a guilty pleasure of mine, growing up in Sheffield. The tracks are usually this mad combination of feminine with the R&B vocals but super gully with the basslines, it’s almost comical sometimes. A lot of the producers had an obsession with harmonic minor scales too so there was occasionally this kinda ‘grand’ vibe, a bit French sounding. Haha.”

07: Loefah – Mud

“This still sounds fresher than most 140 music being made today.. It’s pretty much the ultimate dubstep track and minimalism at its best. Loefah manages to make really stompy beat patterns that don’t sound like testosterone fuelled pseudo-aggression. I always dug it.”

08: Rage Against The Machine – Revolver

“I love how raw the Evil Empire album sounds. You can really hear the different elements of the track individually and hear the room they were recorded in; it doesn’t sound like a solid block of over-produced sound. Revolver is one of the darker bits, which feels equal parts punk, hip-hop and metal; in the best possible way.”

09: Raekwon – Guillotine (Swordz)

“More fire from RZA. Caught myself trying to copy the cheeky little riff a few times. Big Ghost steps off laughing.”

10: Plasticman – Shallow Grave

“I think this was my introduction dubstep.. which I initially just perceived as dark grime, and that’s pretty much what this track is. Rad.”

11: Madvillain – Curls

“Hearing the Madvillainy album was a definite turning point for me. It made all the hiphop I’d listened to prior seem so basic, even other MF DOOM stuff. Curls is probably my favourite track on there, I love how the story progresses as the beat gets creepier and takes on this kinda spooky stakeout vibe. Madlib has serious chops.”

12: Kano – P’s & Q’s

“Awesome synthetic brass grime beat produced by DaVinChe. Best thing Kano did and will ever do. One of the things that made me want to start producing in the first place.”

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