Mistajam Increases the Dosage


Ever since Mary Anne Hobbs left her role at the BBC, there has only really been an hour given to Dubstep on mainstream radio, and that was DJ Hatcha & Crazy D’s Kiss FM show.

There have been a few other DJ’s on mainstream radio that have represented, but only gently touching the surface of the scene. However, Mistajam – from BBC’s Radio 1 and Radio 1xtra – announced on his blog that the segment of his show called the ‘Daily Dose Of Dubstep’ will be growing. The segment usually consists of about 12-15 Dubstep tunes, but will now be extended to full curated mixes by a selection of the scenes top talent.

Increasing the dosage not only in terms of length, but in quality and variety. There will be four – one hour mixes each week broadcast live by 6 special guest DJ’s as well as mixes from Mistajam each week. The rotation is as follows:


Week One

  • Starkey (Monday)
  • The Others (Tuesday)
  • Circus Records (Wednesday)
  • Mistajam (Thursday)


Week Two

  • Mensah (Monday)
  • True Tiger (Tuesday)
  • Quest (Wednesday)
  • Mistajam (Thursday)



The sets of DJs will take it in turn each week, which means on the third week, it will be week one’s turn again, and then on the fourth week, week two’s turn.

There are currently no plans to re-think the line-ups at a certain date yet so hopefully it will continue for a decent amount of time until the next wave of producers and DJs are ready to shine.

Unfortunately due to BBC’s rules and regulations, they cannot podcast the sets, which is a bit of a shame. Don’t worry though, as will have them online as soon as they’re removed from the iPlayer.

It all kicks off on Monday the 7th of February during Mistajams show with Starkey on BBC Radio 1xtra, so make sure you get involved and show your support!


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