FabricLive -Dubstep takes over Room 2

With the queue reaching from the Fabric doors in Charterhouse Street all the way around the corner, mid way down Cowcross Street, it was fair to say Fabric was about to hit capacity….again!

Not suprising might be a fair statement, when the artists on the flyer were taken into account, yet as soon as I made it through the crowd to enter the main doors; it was a difficult decision; Fabio in room one, or Horsepower in room two; thats without considering who was in room three.

Following the stairs and darkened route underground to room two, whats better than being greeted with a full room, massive sound system and that Big Apple’s Red’ Artwork vinyl being played by Horsepower….especially when this track was followed by some classics from Ghost, and Pathways by Digital Mystikz, for those who remember that black and white, Big Apple Records 004 release from back in 2004.

Horsepower educated many fresh faces within a dubstep arena, on a few occasions general members of the crowd shouted in my right ear “i come here for the drum & bass but carrn’t get outta this room”. Horsepower convert once again, but its important to remember back in 2002 they were converting 2’s and 3’s, not hundreds by hunderds!

For any DJ to take the controls after Horsepower’s set, I began to think would struggle to continue with the atmosphere they had just created, however Kode9 took it to a whole new level, with the freshest 12″ dubplates, of course recently baked by Jason down at Transition Studios!

As for not giving much away, Kode9 is one of the best; im certain he writes the title and artist of tracks in faint pencil, thus making it tougher to know whats what! Clever yes…but we got some answers! With some brand new tracks from Bristol’s hottest producer “2562” as well as a track called Brown Heart, Kode9 brough people from 2002 directly into this new era of 2008 with immediate effect!

With the time being 2am, all that was required to follow up Kode9, and to complete the night was a small dose of ‘up tempo benga beats’; and thats what was drawn for, of course by Benga himself!

Here’s a thought, with the only DJ who has on dubplate and can mix ‘Night VIP’ into the original ‘Night’ is there any need to explain the outcome? I think Massive Disruption would be approperiate!
Tracks such as ‘Crunked Up, 26 Basslines and Distance’s Victim Support all assisted in the crowd pushing room two to the limits, and to finish off the set saw a fresh track from Skream titled ‘Simple City’ and a new hot one from Benga titled ‘Bassface’

The last set was handed to Caspa with the arrival of Crazy D; and for those of you who have heard Fabric Live 37…imagine that with a live crowd and Crazy D on the mic leaves one outcome -chaos!

Fabric get it right once again, with room two taken ownership by each Dubstep DJ, the crowd were also an important subject and responded every time when required, even though many had never heard the sound before; roll on the next time we get hold of Room Two, and continue this path Fabric have laid out

Massive Thanks to James Mack @ Fabric HQ for the invitation.

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