DJ EZ to mix Fabric Live for 16 September release

Anyone who grew up during the UK Garage era will have a good understanding that DJ EZ was the boss. Anyone who still follows UK underground music, will also know that EZ is still……the boss.

Often, certain artists get labelled as a ‘legend’, which is a bit of an overused word with diluted meaning nowadays. However…..we all know that today, anyone can become a DJ, with little understanding of, well anything really – pop in a CD into each CDJ, ensure the tempo (bpm) are equal, and boom – have fun with the cross fader, you badd-ass DJ! The only part to consider here is the selection, but thats the easy bit.

ez_fabric_insertThen we come on to an actual show’. Now by show, I dont mean laptop or a light effects. Most DJs welcome the ravers to attend the dancefloor, however what nobody else does in addition to this, is command those who are slightly more interested who those who cannot dance, to stand overlooking the DJ booth (or behind the DJ booth in the old Atlantis club in Croydon back in 2001) – watching the EZ performance.

Using CDJ’s as if they are a drum machine, cutting and chopping his way through the most amount of tracks within an hour that’s even almost possible.

Its no secret that EZ has been my most worshipped DJ since I was at school (over 14 years now) and religiously buying the tape packs of EZ recorded sets as I was too young to even consider attending – then from 18 – it was only right to follow him starting from Best of the Best at Blue Orchid and Atlantis and even Pals, in Croydon, to Gas Club in Leicester Sq, La Cosa Nostra & Garage Nation in London, to the Sidewinder events at Sanctuary in Milton Keynes, and at a joint event with Basslaced at Cable last year & to then have him play at the GetDarker Xmas Party back in 2012 was overly sureal. All of the above, whilst listening weekly to his Kiss FM show.

Back to the original point…EZ is due to mix & unleash a Fabric Live CD in September, if the above doesn’t give you a heads up on how excited I personally am – lets hope Fabric include a bonus DVD of him mixing it.




1. EZ – EZ Intro 7 (One Recordings)
2. Artful Dodger feat. Zoe Kypri – No I Turn You On – Disclosure remix – DJ EZ special (Public Demand)
3. Moony – Relax (PearShapedMusic)
4. Cleptomaniacs – All I Do – Bump & Flex Dance Floor dub (Defected)
5. Jammin – Hold On (Bingo Beats)
6. Sia – Little Man – Exemen Works (Long Lost Brother)
7. Jook 10 – The Beginning (Vex)
8. SBTRKT feat. Sampha – Living Like I Do – Lil Silva remix (XL)
9. Cause & Affect – Kamikazee (Bullet Train)
10. Shystie – Pull It – Fabian Dubz remix (Genius Beats)
11. N’n’G – I Keep (Swing City)
12. Stephen Emmanuel presents Colours – Hold On – SE22 mix (Ice Cream)
13. Woz – Reach (Black Butter)
14. Mike Delinquent Project feat. KCAT – Live (Champion)
15. Dem 2 – Destiny (XL)
16. Majestic – Let’s Go Back (Speakerbox)
17. Royal T – I Know You Want Me (Rinse)
18. Nativ – Afrocentrism (Vex)
19. DJ Q presents Classified – Classified Bass (Q Recordings)
20. EZ – Want You Back (One Recordings)
21. Todd Edwards – Javid Khan (Nu Trend)
22. Once Waz Nice – Messing Around – Wideboys mix (Garagejams/Dubz Fro Klubz)
23. Disclosure feat. Eliza Doolittle – You & Me (Island)
24. Ed Case feat. Shelley Nelson – Something In Your Eyes (Red Rose)
25. Smokin Beats – Dreams (Smokin Beats)
26. Disclosure feat. Ria Ritchie – Control (Greco-Roman)
27. Issac Christopher – The Good Old Days – Kerri Chandler instrumental (Madhouse)
28. MD X-Press – God Made Me Phunky (Defected)
29. Cause & Affect – Social Experiment (Bullet Train)
30. RiP Productions – Mellow Works (Ice Cream)
31. MJ Cole – Sincere (Metrix)
32. Jess Mills – Vultures – MJ Cole remix (Island)

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