Valentine’s Day Special – Budget Kutz

It’s Valentine’s Day and times are hard. We’re in a recession and unemployment is through the roof. The housing market is a shower of shit and a Freddo bar costs upwards of twenty pence. What the hell is going on here?


You can forget about taking the love of your life for a meal at Gordon Ramsay’s this Valentine’s… Hell, you can forget about taking the love of your life for a meal at Burger King this Valentine’s.


But fear not! GetDarker have got your back. We enlisted the culinary skills of Kutz, gave him our entire entertainment budget for the financial year (£7.48) and challenged him to make a romantic 3 course meal for two with ingredients bought in London’s least convenient convenience store.


See what he got cooking!




To take the loving even further Kutz has cooked us up an exclusive little heartbreaker of a track called ‘It’s Over’ too, for all you anti-Valentine’s crew. Bag that from the GetDarker Soundcloud:



Shot by OnlyByNGHT
Directed & Edited by Boat Noodles Picture House
Presenter: Bayfield
Catering: Kutz





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