Kromestar & Dark Tantrums – GetDarkerTV 098

Kromestar b2b Dark Tantrums was always going to bring serious weight; and typically they did just that! Also backed by Sun Of Selah on the mic.

















Om Unit – corridors
Kromestar – 2004 Love Story
Kromestar – Mental Universe
Kromestar – Lion and Thunder
dark tantrums-storm
dark tantrums-labyrinth
Dark Tantrums – Unborn
Kromestar – He Didn’t Know
kromestar-devils advocate
dark tantrums-carnage
dark tantrums- Chaos
Sukh Knight, mensah, and squarewave- Quad bikes
Kromestar – Monster
Dark Tantrums – loyal team
dark tantrums- Braindead
Kromestar – Gods
Kromestar – Lazer
dark tantrums-inner rage
dark tantrums-gods order
Kromestar – b20
kromestar – freq
dark tantrums-gingerbread man
dark tantrums-damage vip
kromestar feat the real mckoy-pain of mind

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