Trashbat – GetDarkerTV 260 [Mindstep Music Takeover]

Trashbat – GetDarkerTV 260 [Mindstep Music Takeover]
March 11, 2015 / 10:40 pm

It was skanks all round in the studio when we got the madman Trashbat in on that jazz heavy flex. Energy from start to finish perfectly compliment by Sepia (feat. Buckfast) on the mic!





Trashbat – Mariachi
K Man – Beyond The Clouds
Elefant Doc – Kontrol
Matt Deco – Boom Bap
Congi X Cian Finn
Drew’s Theory – Ghosts in The Sterio
Trashbat – Nine9 Style VIP VIP (VIP)
Freud & Jafu – Sofia
K Man & Von D – Woodrush
Craft – Jahz
Craft – Call My Name
Anex & Trashbat – Gunman
J Clever – Sioux Vision
Drew’s Theory & Step-A-Side – Monsters
District – Alpha House
BunZer0 & Drew’s Theory – Crazy Little Indian Feet
ARtroniks – Haven
Piezo – Antelope Swing VIP
J Clever – What is Life?
SPMC & Joker D – Bad Dreams

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