Routes 015: Amen Ra of LHF

In new album ‘For The Thrown’ Amen-Ra of LHF has released arguably one of the most interesting and unique UK underground records of the year via Martin Clarke’s Keysound Recordings. With a sonic palette as diverse and colourful as anything you are likely to hear currently we thought it only right we ask him to track some of his influences for our Routes series.


01. Zeenat Aman, Feroz Khan, Nazia Hassan – ‘Aap Jaisa Koi’

Did my mum brainwash us or did we nick her tape of this and play it continuously? I don’t know but this is one of my earliest musical memories. I wonder if I turned out the way my mum wanted after she planted this tune into my innocent little brain. I’ve given you the video here too, they ain’t even trying to pretend they’re playing those instruments. All jokes aside- what a tune! On loop forever. Big up my familia.

02. Raekwon – ‘Glaciers of Ice’

It’s hard for me to choose my favourite Wu joint but I’ve been rinsing this recently and I hope the story about Prodigy crashing his car listening to this track is true. Rae and Ghost are the hardest ever, and what the hell was RZA on during this first wave? Mad scientist at work. Untouchable – Wu at their best.

03. Peshay- ‘Psychosis’

*Single tear drop emoji*
Basically, I had to choose something from Platinum Breakz 1. I still remember running out to Brent Cross and picking the CD up from HMV. I had an undercut, my curtains were blowing in my face, and I had a checked shirt I probably bought from madhouse.
When I got home later and played the disc it was like all my years of listening to Jungle and Hardcore had culminated in that moment and I reached a new plateau. I matured into a young man that day. This album was the benchmark by which I judged a lot of stuff after that.

04. Ed Rush, DJ Trace and Nico – ‘Mad Different Methods’

You think you’re dark? I laugh in your face. This was the tail end of the golden jungle/d&b years for me. I was fully bubbling to garage at some point in ’97 (see below).
Absolutely nasty track! They programmed their machines to kill. These guys were the pioneers of what people call techstep, which I got bored of very quickly. But this is when it was fresh, and it changed everything.
If you listen to this shit all the time it’s probably because you have no feelings.

05. Myron – ‘Get Down’ (Groove Chronicles Remix)

I had to pick a garage tune, as it’s an important part of my upbringing and my obsession from ‘97 onwards. I was checking for it in ’96 but it wasn’t my main squeeze at that point.
I did everything to avoid listening to this one when I was prepping this list because I was thinking it’s time for me to get over it and show you some of the more obscure stuff that was turning my head at the time. But I just can’t get over it and I don’t think I ever will. Timeless tune, the sexiest shit ever.

06. DJ Mitsu – ‘Negative Ion’ (Sa-Ra Remix)

I got huge love for Sa-Ra, deeply rooted guys that push boundaries effortlessly- too good to resist. This track is just so masterful and free. I don’t think anything happens twice, it’s a pure stream of consciousness. Hyper-sensitive, intuitive and funky as fuck.

07. Georgia Anne Muldrow – ‘Because’

Georgia holds a special place in my heart. Her spirit is infectious. This album was my life for a long time. This was the first track I ever heard from her. Her harmonies are so off the chart. She lives and breathes music and positivity and I love her.

08. Mala – ‘Changes’

Bet you didn’t know I was into dubstep. Big moment in my musical history. When Digi Mystikz came along it was like I’d been waiting for them for years. This still gives me the chills. Big up King Mala!

09. Dusk and Blackdown feat Trim – ‘The Bits’

From one of the wickedest albums to come out of the UK underground in the last decade. It showed me how creative you can be with this music. Dusk and Blackdown were my favourite producers for a while. Their tracks were just so vast and inclusive, and made me feel like anything was possible for UK music. Yes, I love the classic sounding stuff but you need guys like this to shake things up.

10. Kode 9 – ‘Black Sun’

Detuned vibes from the man Kode 9. First hearing this and wondering where it came from, still don’t know. Kode 9’s sour synths are a huge influence, it’s hard to talk about because they’re so ingrained in me. Seminal material.

11. Actress- ‘Tree of Knowledge’

I can’t just listen to one Actress tune and move on, I have to listen to all of his albums back to back. His focus is so singular, there’s no point in listening to other stuff. What’s he even doing here? Unknown tekkers and the sound of a man who’s far gone. Totally mesmerising. Actress’s whole world is an influence.

12. Carlos Y Gaby – ‘Happy Summer Solstice (I Love You, I laugh You)’

The only time I’ve used the word ‘delightful’ in real life conversation is when I was describing this track. When electronics meet earthy organic drums like this, my heart sings with a joy you will never understand. Post sex glow music…

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