Routes 014: Jack Sparrow

One half of Author and Leeds foremost dry land lubbin salty seadog / dubstep producer Jack Sparrow steps up for the Routes series and talks us through some of his musical bounty. Avast (and other tawdry nautical puns).


Here’s what Mr Sparrow had to say about the selections “Its really hard to pick “influences” but here are some tunes that have stayed with me over the years, it was really hard to choose just 10!”

01: The Prodigy – Weather Experience (1992)

“Epic ravey 90’s rinseout…. an 8 minute journey with a bit of Michael fish (weatherman) thrown in. Liam Howlett has always been at the forefront of British dance music and I would hope he would hold this a personal favourite as it’s one of mine.”

02. Guru Feat. Chaka Khan – Watch What You Say (1995)

” I could have picked any of the timeless classics from Guru but the Jazzmatazz albums were really forward thinking at the time…. and Chaka Khan smashes it.”

03. Dabyre – Magic Says (2004)

“I would like a lowrider and to listen to this driving around harlem in 70’s… that is all”

04. The East Flatbush Project – Tried by 12 [Joe Buhda Remix]

“I love the original but this version has grown on me a lot”

05. Source Direct – Exit 9 (1995)

“This tune is so intense but so soothing at the same time, fully satisfying rinseout, I love most of SD’s output to be honest.”

06. Murcof – Cometa (2007)

“Such a beautifully dark piece of music, the video goes pretty nicely too”

07. Com Truise – Hyperlips (2011)

“After meeting this guy in Istanbul I felt bad I had no knowledge of his music, I became a fan and added this tune into my regular playlist… Analog juiciness”

08. Rubber Johnny – Chris Cunningham/ Aphex Twin (2005)

“Brilliant marriage of visual and audio stimulation”

09. 4 Hero – Universal Love/Reprise (1998)

“Incredible chilled tune from late 90’s, at a time when drum and bass was showing off some of the more musicalside of things”

10. Simpleton – Coca Cola Bottle Shape (1992)

“I usually have a fair bit of dancehall with me when I play out and this always goes off”

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