Sicaria Sound – Outlook Mix Series 2018

Sicaria Sound – Outlook Mix Series 2018
July 16, 2018 / 9:10 pm

Heavy new mix from South Londoner’s Sicaria Sound





  • Fuckem666

    Sicaria Sound are arrogant, rude & delusional

    The other night I had the displeasure of being treated like a cunt by these girls and basically was bullied by one of them in particular outside a night I attended.

    I think they didn’t like the fact that I was drunk and chatting to them as if they were just anyone else and I don’t think they liked that I was unaware they were playing in a room at the event and that I wasn’t starstruck in any way and had no idea who they were….after they had asked me for cigarettes and I gave them cigarettes.

    One of them tried to steal my tobacco as well as repeatedly asking me for more tobacco while calling me names & then behaved pathologically by arse licking a friend of mine who came over to speak to me, showering him with compliments and asking for his email address (all fake of course, she didn’t give a fuck about him) just to make a point of trying to belittle me further.

    I said no to her asking for more of my tobacco with a puzzled look on my face and remained calm, and me and my friend walked away for him to then fill me in about who they were.

    I assumed these were just a couple of young, drunk or coked up idiot bitches, particularly the one who called me names and was quite shocked to find out that they are actually an established act.

    These girls egos are clearly inflated and they are clearly riding a wave of shallow popularity that they would not be riding if they were male. If they were male they would just be any other small time DJ’s who play other people’s tunes and don’t release their own. People make a special effort to suck up to women because of our current political landscape & being a pair of pretentious hipsters as well as being female & able to beat match two tunes at the same time is apparently deserving of a career in music…even if you’re rude and arrogant and behave in a bizarre and toxic, pathological way plus clearly showing absolute narcissism. I mean look at them in photo’s. Take a look at their facial expressions in some of their promo pics and you can pretty much see the sinister elements of their personalities, again particularly the one who called me names and tried to steal my tobacco. The white/middle Eastern one with the greasy curls. Look at her face properly in pics and tell me she looks like a nice person…

    Fuck that kind of behaviour and fuck these girls.

    Even if I was just some annoying drunk guy to them, I hadn’t actually done anything wrong or been remotely malicious towards them and even gave them cigarettes as I mentioned before. Yeah maybe they thought I was some “loser” who wasn’t cool enough to chat drunken shit to them in a beer garden but like yeah I don’t care, to me they were just a couple of girls. I think the part that upset these narcissistic bitches the most is that they could tell I didn’t give a fuck who they were.

    I am a dad who is pushing 30 now and just was having a night out with some friends, I come from a professional music background and have done the rounds touring in bands and having label releases for years, I don’t take kindly to people like this trying to abuse their positions as “musicians” although they aren’t even musicians they just drop other people’s tunes apparently, but yeah I think they made the assumption that I was some desperate hanger on or that I wanted to fuck them or something when really I was just drunk chatting to people in a smoking area on a rare night out for me which they ruined.

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