Croydub Special – BBC Radio 1 – hosted by Sgt Pokes & Guests – 30.05.2018

Celebrating 10 Years Of Croydub with a live show hosted by DMZ crew member and original dubstep MC, Sgt Pokes. Croydub was a seminal dubstep night which ran from 2008 – 2013 in Croydon’s Black Sheep Bar. Pokes is joined by some heavyweight DJs from the scene, plus he’ll be dropping an exclusive new track of his own.





Burial – South London Boroughs
Silkie – Egyptian March
Silkie – Reevea
Silkie – Don’t DJ For Free
Silkie – Rhythm Junkie
Silkie – Impervious
Plastician – Music Won’t Love You Back (feat. Nuages)
Plastician – Jammy (feat. Rapture 4D)
Klasey Jones – Giuseppe’s Girl
Plastician -Dusk On The Heath
Glacci – Spirals (feat. Kareful)
Deadcrow – Strayed
De Tu – Slap
Lord Jabu & Kryo – Mystikal Floot
3WA – Black Marsh
Soukah x Phossa – Through The Walls
Khonsu – Blue Acid
Gisaza – Flutin’
TMSV – Harm A Fly
Loefah – Untitled Dub
Lamont – Shots VIP (feat. Snowie)
Lamont – Detached
Chefal – Time To Get Dubby
Chefal – The Energy
Von D – Locus Solus
Joker – Boat
Sepia – Noise Test
Vivek – Killa
Foamplate – QuakeSteppa
Lost – Daytime Request
Dayzero – Looming Shadow
Dryman Sound & Denoir – Fall Back (Abstrakt Sonance Remix) (feat. Scrufizzer)
Trends – Norman Bates Khan Remix N-Type & Crazy D Edit
N-Type – Oh No
Truth & Stylust Beats – Grampian (feat. Sgt Pokes)



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