Plastician Lights Out Mix – Rinse FM 26/05/2015

Plastician took to his regular 9-11pm slot on Rinse FM this week with a “lights out mix” and also had some interesting things to say regarding his motivation for the mix.

“This week I’ve decided to let the music do the talking. It’s a 2 hour mix with no talking. Recorded in pitch black darkness, with only the glow of the CDJ’s and the Serato screen on my laptop lighting the room. It was recorded in one take with no planning. Just playing where my mind takes me like any other radio show, but without the presenting part.

I’ve been feeling increasingly detached from the music industry in recent times. Working all hours trying to discover new music, tweeting and updating facebook pages to let people know about my findings and the releases they amount to on Terrorhythm eventually. Tirelessly ploughing through emails all day long. Trying and failing almost every week to make things happen and attempt to build something from the ground up again. With all this interaction and a mounting workload I am feeling increasingly solitary. I ask myself questions every day. Is this worth it anymore? Does anybody care? Do these statistics and numbers actually matter to me? All I’m seeing is statistics. Numbers. That’s not why I got into this industry.

There is a real and increasing reality that I might not be doing this for much longer. My relationship with music feels like being head over heels in love with somebody who doesn’t even know you exist. I guess this is me putting my heart on the table right now, in hope that some good will come of it. Let’s strip away the bullshit and be honest with each other, it’s unhealthy bottling everything up.

It was like therapy recording this mix and I hope you enjoy it, particularly given the dark atmosphere throughout. This ultimately was something I had to do for myself, so if anyone else enjoys it or connects with me on it then that is a bonus.

If you do enjoy it, please share it. This may only look like an additional statistic on the screen, but it opens the door of opportunity for me to do something substantial.”

glo – Anam Cara
Burial – UK
Foxwedding – death,though
Jack Chainz – M E D U S A
Noah B – d i s c o v e r
nodachi – LUSH
Jack Chainz – P O L A R
Klimeks – Paravoid
Klimeks – Underwaterhearts
foxwedding – tongue
foxwedding – u should chill
Kellbender ft. 2late – DARKNESS
Fifty Grand – Warm Chains Remix
Misogi – UGLY
SoftMoon – Lunar
Noah B – l o s t
Know V.A. – Juice (Plastician Remix)
foxwedding – verytired
Klimeks – Tokyo Train (Waved Edition)
Klimeks – Odyssey
Klimeks – Glimmers
MISOGI – Blackheart
Mr. Carmack – Dilemma (Trapped)
Curses – Slow Lights
Burial – Raver
??? – Birdsong
Queen Leaf – Gone (Patrick Brian Remix)
Lemonick – 4th Floor
Manifolds – anxious
Chedda Da Connect – Flicka Da Wrist (Callosum ‘Crab Cakes’ Club Edit)
C.Z. – Darkness Calling
Color Plus – Lalai
Pinch & Mumdance – Lucid Dreaming
Mr. Mitch – Tree (JD. Reid’s Pai Mei Remix)
Tom E. Vercetti – Crystal Cloak
Color Plus – USB People
TSVI – Headshot
Nevermind – Arrow Loop
Torai – Know Yourself Refix
Korma + YNGN – Ascension (Lokane Remix)
TORJUS – Bruised
Plastician – Mickey Taker
Yung Gud – Hello
Incipe – Crying On The Low
Iglew – Urban Myth

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