Phaeleh – Somnus Album [Free Download]

Phaeleh has always been highly regarded for his emotionally resonant atmospheres. Here he delivers a highly overdue beatless longplayer honed from found sound from the last 10 years, amade on portable minidisc recorders, cameras, phones and anything else with a mic. Influences from Brian Eno, Aphex Twin and Global Communication seep through the cracks on his most uncompromising work to date.


Here Phaeleh wears the Somnus genome on his sleeve ‘ For example Eleven is definitely informed by the work of Pierre Schaeffer, Jonty Harrison and Simon Atkinson I hope you can hear that’. The album also leans on the utilitarian use of his music, on how his fanbase use his music to soundtrack specific aspects of their lives from Child birth (we have the video evidence) to life celebrations:


“After the amazing feedback to the iD slumber sessions mix, and so many years of people saying they’d revise to it, sleep to it, get therapy to it, I thought it might be a nice idea to put together a collection of some of these tracks, which up to this point, were just for personal consumption.”


Somnus is a mediative work for you to use to find a gap in pace to todays info cascade.



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