Soap Dodgers – GetDarkerTV 084

Soap Dodgers join us again for episode 84, and show us once again why they have become discrete favourites of ours.









soap dodgers – iron lotus
icicle – minimal dub
kutz – hella tight
walsh & benton – last crumb
von d – like a bird
benton – videodrome
dj madd – heavyweight
soap dodgers – NO6
pyramid-trouble (the others remix)
hizzle guy – drunk dub
the others – get outta here
kutz – hypno
emalkay – crusader
benton – demons engineers
ben verse – dark star
seven – wait
hizzle guy – haunted
soap dodgers – spaceweight
emalkay – powertool
benton – toad style
16bit – frzr9000
zero g – bring it (subspace remix)
kutz – big n bad
soap dodgers – Intergalactic
kinky – city of the gods
dismantle – kill dem

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