Win a copy of Kromestar – My Sound Album – on 4 x Vinyl & CD

10am tomorrow we’re giving away a copy of Kromestar – ‘My Sound’ album (4 x vinyl & CD) via our Facebook page.


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A.   Galaktic War
B.    System Log
C1.  Poltergeist
C2.  Pass The Light
D1.  Repitched
D2.  Go Away
E1.   Weak
E2.   8 Ball
F1.   Aston Martin
F2.   My Sound
G1.  Medievil Warrior
G2.  Frenemy
H1.  The Truth
H2.  Demon Slayah


1.   Galaktic War
2.   System Log
3.   Poltergeist
4.   Pass The Light
5.   Repitched
6.   Go Away
7.   Weak
8.   8 Ball
9.   Aston Martin
10. My Sound
11. Medievil Warrior
12. Frenemy
13. The Truth
14. Demon Slayah


Vinyl version includes the CD as bonus. The CD comes just with the front cover in a plastic sleeve.

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