Von D – Deeper, Eyes On You & Sunflower – GDKR007

Dark to light, melodic to muscle-bound, deep to driving: the Parisian-in-London switch-flicks with precise production panache. Flexing a glittering discography on influential imprints such as Boka and Black Acre, he’s remained a consummate ambassador of the low-end movement since he emerged in 2009… And we’re proud to have him on board for our long-awaited seventh release.

A. Deeper’ feat. Phe Phe
‘Deeper’, a slick sojourn into the fertile playground between dubstep and garage. Swooping strings, steppy beats and the distinctive tones of PhePhe ease us into a false sense of sexy-vibes before Von ignites a pulverising sub-soaked drop. Sliding between sonic sophistication and slippery mechanical rhythms, its duality ensures it a playlist for any point in the night.



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B. Eyes on You
‘Eyes On You’ follows. A co-lab with fellow bass buccaneer Riskotheque, it instantly hammers a much darker message home. Icy pads groan mournfully while hollow bass tones echo into the distance. Pitched up vocals go toe-to-toe in the fore while a series of pensive kick drums ignite with tribal tenacity. Stripped back with a deep-seeded sense of carnal ignition, this won’t just zone your floor out, it will take them to a whole new dimension.



BB. Sunflower
‘Sunflower’ closes the show with spine-shuddering audio awe. Sad strings sweep poignantly across the mix while a syncopated halfstep provides a firm foundation for the subtle middy bass moan and bellowing subs beneath. An exemplary lesson on how to work a floor as well your feelings, there is no disco, no date, no destination where this will sound out of place. Recognise those strings? You should do. The clue’s in the title.




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