Slimzee – Going on Terrible – Documentary

New video documentary ‘Slimzee’s Going On Terrible’, a short film about grime selector Slimzee.

Slimzee co-founded Rinse FM back in 1994, was the leading DJ in UK Garage collective ‘Pay As You Go Cartel’ alongside Wiley & Flowdan. In the early 2000’s, he pioneered the then fledgling grime sound and became the grime’s leading DJ with exclusive dubplates & VIP’s to then assist in the success of Dizzee Rascal.

But in 2005 he received an ASBO banning him from rooftops, by hiding camera’s inside bins, which stalled his pirate radio and DJ work at a crucial moment in his career. These days, however, he’s back on the airwaves, holding down a slot on rising digital station NTS and getting a growing amount of bookings thanks to his longstanding status and ear for cutting-edge grime.

Welcome back Slimzos!


Check out Slimzee’s GetDarkerTV set, and we’ve recently uploaded stacks of Slimzee sets from Sidewinder from the early 2000’s.


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