Skream plugs his old Grime alias Mr Keas back into the studio

The past week has seen an exciting grime theme ‘War Dubz’ kicked off by Jammer & Wiley, based upon soundcloud, each artist makes their own instrumental, and uploads to their soundcloud & following it up with ‘sending for someone’ – positively calling them out so get involved.

Some of you may, or may not have known that Skream made a bundle of grime tracks back in the day under the secret alias Mr.Keas – here Skream unleashes the Mr.Keas project again and delivers his responses, including a ‘Devil Mix’….many of you younger generation grime/dubstep fans might be unfamilar with a ‘Devils Mix’….its effectively removal of all drums, but still resulting in a beefy & bass heavy beat.

Mr.Keas – Fuck a Beat (Grime/Devil Music)(Reply to Jammer + Rude Kid)

Mr.Keas – War Dub 6 – Grime
audio unavailable

Wiley – Eskimo (Devils Mix)

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