Posttod – Moon – [Review]

‘Moon’ is the latest to come from the Swedish production duo Posttod. Some of you may have heard their previous single ‘Dead in the Universe’ but the Barcelona based artists have only recently been brought to my attention.
Posttod have taken influence from artists such as Royskopp, The Knife and Crystal Castles but, in my opinion, if you want a comparison think Author LP, not in terms of the actual music but the vibe which the album gives off. Posttod have found a unique, cross-genre sound and they are doing it well. They are not all necessarily the kind of tracks that would be played on the dance floor but they hold base for potential remixes and easy adaption into DJ sets.
Each track plays through fitting into the next so perfectly it could be a mix, yet a distinct difference is present in all of them. ‘Away’ is first up, a tranquil swirl of an electronic beat and calming vocals. Following on from that is ‘Wild’, possibly my favourite of the seven with a Jamie XX/Burial feel to it. By the third track ‘No More Time’, I’m completely absorbed into the soft drum pattern and soothing instrumentals. ‘Through Your Eyes’ continues the relaxed atmosphere by incorporating distorted vocals and low bass. ‘Don’t Follow Me’ is, I wouldn’t say deep, but there is some very low weighty sounds which quickly contrast with higher, smooth synths as the beat changes. ‘Under The Stars’ introduces a more bouncy, upbeat style with a faster drum pattern as ‘Ending’ pulls us back down to a slower pace, bringing the album to a peaceful close.
Moon was released in December 2011 and I urge you to give it a listen. It would be a shame to let Posttod slip under the radar, they deserve to gain higher recognition and I hope we hear more from them in the future.



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