Plasticman – Live At Fwd – 18.08.2005

Recorded live at the launch party for Youngsta’s Dubstep Allstars Vol. 2 CD. Plasticman (Plastician) with MC’s Crazy D and Skepta.

2005, Forward was inviting more Grime MC’s to perform, this was a year before Dubstep blew up and Grime went into serious decline.


1.Damian Junior Gong Marley- Welcome to Jamrock (remix)
NASTY Crew acapella
2. Macabre Unit – Unknown
3. Macabre Unit- Lift Off
4. Benga- Hotsteppin
5. Flirta D- Murkle Outburst
6. Toasty Boy- The Knowledge (Vex’d remix)
7. JME- Baraka (Plasticman mix)
8. Unknown
9. Chase & Status Feat Roll Deep- Top Shotta
10. Unknown
11. Plasticman feat Shizzle, Fresh, Napper- Cha Vocal
12. Plasticman- Bad Boy Sound
13. Plasticman- Still Tippin
14. Unknown
15. Plasticman- Unhappy Shopper
16. Unknown
17. Unknown
18. J Sweet – Untitled
19. Plasticman- Death By Stereo (Macabre Unit mix)
20. Either Skepta or P Jam
21. Macabre Unit- Tensor Jam
22. Plasticman- Funeral Vibes
23. Skream- Midnight Request Line
23. Mark One- The Greatest
24. Roll Deep- When Im Ere (remix)
25. Unknown
26. Unknown
27. Wonder- Undertaker
28. Unknown



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