Plastic People – where it all began, closes.

For most, (including us) Plastic People is exactly where the journey began…..whilst FWD’s official first home was Velvet Rooms, it was Plastic People where they settled and where dubstep’s momentum was gained, with a packed venue EVERY Thursday, and lets face it, this is the venue where dubstep (and grime) evolved and careers began.  Great memories!


The club, in Shoreditch, is hosting a ‘Last Dance’ tonight after its manager, Charlotte Kepel revealed the shock closure, and that Plastic People will not open again in 2015 after this weekend’s party.


mala_skream_artwork_fwd07Intimate shot of the DJ booth taken from the crowd. (Artwork, Mala & Skream)


The announcement that Plastic People would close comes weeks after Fabric was given a reprieve by Islington Council on condition that it steps up drug patrols.

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