Hatcha & Guests 50+ Hour live stream

As you know, we’ve managed more live streams than most, setting the bar back in 2009 with GetDarkerTV – and more recently this whole game got changed & levelled up with the introduction of powerful 24 hour long DJ sets.

The live stream script gets levelled up again this weekend; with Sir Hatcha bringing a 50 HOUR continuous live stream session.

This event is raising & supporting Mind Mental Health Charity; and will see Hatcha in the mix non stop for 24 hours – with vinyl and dubplates only……..think about that for a moment! No digital with sync & cue buttons😰

The following 36 Hours, Hatcha has called up a team of artists to continue this non stop mixing session. And it’s a proud moment for a GetDarker reunion to get called up to be a part of it – with the boys Darkside, Cyrus, Distance & Tunnidge with Beezy on set.

Set times below

You can watch live via Facebook, Twitch & YouTube, starting this Friday at 18.00 GMT, rolling through until Sunday night.

LINK —> https://www.twitch.tv/phasetransition

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