Funktion-One reveal new six-channel DJ mixer

Funktion-One has announced a new high-end DJ mixer, the FF6.2.

Built in collaboration with Formula Sound, the FF6.2 has six channels. Channels one and two feature gold-plated XLR and 1/4 inch inputs for effects routing, connecting external instruments and talkback, with peak-control offered with a compressor switch. All channels contain four-band full-kill EQs, whose frequencies have been tuned to offer DJs more control over the spectral balance of their mixes, and high- and low-pass filters, which can be combined to create bandpass filtering effects.



The booth output has a mono option and pan control, meaning DJs can cue with headphones on their right ear with monitoring coming from the left side of the booth. The booth output also has it’s own level meter and two auxiliary channels are available.



Funktion One expected to release late 2016, approx 4,500 euro.

Full spec here




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