Distance – My Demons

Crunching around the dubstep fraternity like a kid amongst some Lego, Distance is a truly towering figure within the bass-ruptured scene – bringing a distinctive sound and hardcore outlook to bear on his subterranean emissions.



Coming from a metal background, Distance certainly knows how to deliver upfront and caustic compositions – blasting the sonic cobwebs clean from the rafters through his Tectonic appearances and making a mere twelve inches of vinyl take on something of the apocalypse thanks to the almost mosh-step blisters of ‘Traffic’. Very much in residence here, ‘Traffic’ represents just one side to Distance’s oeuvre; pummeling you into a husk through Ross Robinson style guitar riffs, rave signals and a beat so heavy you’ll be avoiding the scales for weeks.



Yet whilst an album full of ‘Traffic’ clones would have kept some happy, Distance pulls threads from a more varied spectrum than you might imagine – a situation made nice and bold through opening track ‘Night Vision’. Bringing that frayed sense of urban desolation which pervades many an estate after dark, ‘Night Vision’ lurches around the block with Kode 9 style samples and shattered glass atmospherics in tow – producing a feeling of anticipation that is hard to fake. From here the title track is similarly obtuse, plundering the ska archives for a bouncing bomb of a beat, before ‘Ska’ storms the show and kicks down the door through processed metal and a growling bass line that would take a bite given half the chance. Elsewhere, ‘Cella’ sounds not unlike ‘Budakahn Mindphone’-era Squarepusher, ‘Fractured’ does what it says on the tin, whilst ‘Confined’ is a mauled scar of seething electronic overlaps. Pure dubstep, given the room to breathe. Marathon man!



1. Night Vision
2. My Demons
3. Weigh Down
4. Traffic
5. Mistral
6. Cyclops
7. Cella
8. Ska
9. Fractured
10. Tuning
11. Confined
12. Delight


Original Source: Boomkat

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