Author LP – Tectonic

You know that one album you have that you put on to chill out to? The one that you can listen to whatever mood your in? Get ready to hear your new one.
Author’s self-titled LP is a masterpiece of atmospheric sounds and soft dubs.

You may not be familiar with Author but you will almost certainly be familiar with the two producers behind the project, Jack Sparrow and Ruckspin. Following their track ‘Dread’ (featured on Get Darker presents This is Dubstep 2011) the Leeds duo fused forces to form this jaw-dropping collaboration.

The LP is made up of eight tracks and opens with the amazing ‘Turn’. It’s a perfect intro and features gorgeous echoing vocals from Ed Thomas. The lyrics are catchy complimenting the smooth synth and deep bass.
The second track ‘Sun’ is compiled of low frequencies and soothing instrumentals. It’s a long way off, but it’s got Outlook 2012 written all over it. ‘Revolutions’ is next on the track list. The ‘womping’ bass line fits perfectly underneath the hypnotic bongo drum pattern and finishes with a subtle horn blow. With samples from what sounds like motivational speeches it is no wonder why the track has it’s title.
’Mothership’ literally sounds like the soundtrack to an alien invasion, made up of samples, a skipping drum beat and, the only way I can describe it is, a soft flapping bass line.  Following that ‘Green & Blue’ brings the tempo right back down with its slow jazz feel. The swooping bass line and calming piano could not make you feel more relaxed.
Number six ‘Fix’ has more of an electronic, dance sounding intro but the calm atmosphere is kept by high tranquil piano notes playing over the top. The intro begins to fade out, as a sample plays the drums drop back in at a faster tempo. I can’t imagine anyone listening to this tune without a smile on their face.
’Drain’ has an epic intro compiled of piano notes and bass which sounds like a heartbeat. As the track begins to layer up with brass and woodwind instruments the drum pattern remains slow and continuous. The deep underlying bass might just make this my favourite tune on the LP. The next and final track is titled ‘Dashiki’. Like the title, it has a very tribal sound. A rhythm is kept throughout with bongo drums and again brass instruments have been used adding texture to the beat.

Using classic instruments within dubstep is a large focus for this LP. Author have experimented by bringing parts of other genres of music into one. The theme is similar to Ruckspin’s band Submotion Orchestra and I expect some inspiration for this LP came from that.

The album is outstanding and it’s not just me hyping about it, Author have also gained support from Mala, Pinch, Distance, 2562, J:Kenzo and Quest & Silkie. Bottom line is; if you don’t know, get to know! It won’t be a disappointment.
Author’s LP will be released November 14th on Tectonic.



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