Mary Anne Hobbs & Untold – Radio 1 – 09.04.2008

Untold in the mix with Mary Anne





DJ Distance – ‘The V’ (Chestplate)
Rustie –‘Zigzag’ (Wireblock)
The Roots – ‘Get Busy’ (Def  Jam)
Blemer – ‘Sagitarius’ from the LP ‘Save To Fu2ure’ (White Label)
Kode 9 & The Spaceape – ‘Konfusion’ (Hyperdub)
Vladislav Delay – ‘Recovery Idea (Part Two)’ Andy Stott remix (Semantica) –
Unitz – ‘The Drop’ (Dub Police)

UK Cup Clash highlights – Final Round
David Rodigan (UK) Vs Bass Odyssey (Jamaica)

Helixer – ‘Narcotic Dub’ (7even)
Vex’d – ‘In System Travel’ (Dubplate)
Husdon Mohawke – ‘Oooops!’ (Wireblock)
Scuba – ‘From Within’ (Hotflush)

Untold in the mix
Tim Taylor – ‘The Horn Track’ (Experimental)
Milanese – ‘The End’ (Dubplate)
The Criminal Minds – ‘Baptised By Dub’ (World Beat Corporation)
TRG – ‘Back In The Day’ (Dubplate)
Pangaea – ‘Deviant’ (Untold Remix)’ (Dubplate)
Ramadanman – ‘Blimey’ (Forthcoming Hessle Audio)’
Untold – ‘Test Signal’ (Hessle Audio)
Untold – ‘Yukon’
4 Hero – ‘Wrinkles In Time’ (Reinforced)
Loefah – ‘Goat stare’ (DMZ)
Untold – ‘Walk Through Walls’ (Forthcoming Hemlock)
Pangaea – ‘You & I’ (Dubplate)
Untold – ‘Reminder’ (Dubplate)

Tes la Rok – ‘Up In The VIP’ (Dubplate)
Artist unknown – ‘Ver2’ (Dubplate)
King Cannibal – ‘The Flower Of Flesh & Blood’ (Dubplate)
Gatekeeper feat Grizla – ‘Shade Darker’ (Dubplate)
Chevron – ‘Nigel Mansel’ from the ‘Tuff Shite’ EP (Ad Noiseum)
Marshall Watson – ‘The Dumbest Thing I Heard A Smart Girl Say’ (White Label)






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