VIDEO – Outlook Festival 2012

Every year, we put our own feature video together for Outlook Festival, and this year was no different, we once again ruled the waves via our Pirate Boat, and we also took full control of Arena 1 – The GetDarker Stage on the Sunday.



Last year, the GetDarker Pirate Boat set sail on a glorious Sunday afternoon and without question ruled the waves against all other boats out at sea. We return again this year with a monsterous lineup of weight-line dubstep music with the task of retaining the ownership of the Adriatic Sea.

The captains (DJs) of the ship have been carefully selected to ensure the highest quality music, and a fine party for all to be apart of.

NOTE: GetDarkerTV will be being filming, so eye patches, cross bones, flag, wooden legs are all essential.



Sunday 2nd September // 12:30-15:30


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