Promise One – GetDarkerTV 223

Promise One brings a solid debut podcast, mixed live on GetDarkerTV








Egoless – Rain Radio (Selected Works ’09 – ’12)
Mercy – Whenever I’m With You (Dub)
Geode – Agriculture (Sub Basics Remix) (Dub)
LAS – Aspect (Forthcoming Innamind Recordings)
B9 – Award Winning Mex Club (Dub)
Piezo – Antelope Swing (Dub)
Bukez Finezt – Pace Yourself (Subway Music)
Egoless – Back Into Time (Selected Works ’09 – ’12)
Controlled Kaos – Music Box (Indigo Movement)
Promise One – Ghost Note (OpenEarz Recordings)
Perverse – Method (Dub)
Promise One & Geode – Chroma (OpenEarz Recordings)
Commodo – Earl 1.6 (Free Download)
Promise One – See We Roll (OpenEarz Recordings)
Slaven – The Dark (Dub)
Darj – Ka’Andirah (Deafblind Remix) (Forthcoming Sub Pressure Recordings)
Numa Crew – Knowledge (Moonshine Recordings)
Mikael – Diver (Dub)
Matt U – Danger (Congi Remix) (Pressed Records)
Geode – Oblong (Dub)
Perverse – Untitled Campion (Dub)
Facta – 36th Chamber (Forthcoming Soundman Chronicles)
Promise One – M.I. (Hedmuk)
LSN – Infection (Leon Switch remix) (Dub)
Darj – All Day (Dub)
Piezo – Scourge (Dub)
Luke Leadbelly – Delivery Feat. T-Man (AtsuBox Remix) (Dub)

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