Capture – GetDarkerTV 206

Capture joins us & mixes this combination of vinyl & cd set live in our studio








Good ol days – Jack Sparrow (Deep Medi)
Somnium – Congi (dubstep for deep heads)
Star gazer – Tetris (DUB0
Deepest fears – Jay 5ive & Kromestar (Bass n Love records)
Native wolf – Alive (Dub)
Sublow – Turner (forthcoming Hatched music)
Memories of 3rd base – Skream (digital sound boy)
Fire Pusher – Las & Gantz (forthcoming SYSTEM music)
Circadian Rhythm – Sepia (Dub)
Amber – Benga (big apple records)
Fally Ranking (VIVEK remix) – Johnny Osbourne (Greensleeves records)
All of a sudden – Coki (Deep Medi)
Babylon Fall – Goth Trad (Deep Medi)
Surgery – Kromestar (Deep Medi)
Smear dub – Karma (SYSTEM music)
Strong Root – Quantum Soul (Innamind records)
Hunted – SP:MC & LX One (Tempa)
Skunk Step – Skream (Big apple records)
Dem a talk (TMSV remix) – Mavado (white label)
Askum – Kryptic Minds (Tectonic recordings)
Destruction – Youngsta (Tempa)
Phatty Drummer – Skream (Tempa)
Haze – TMSV (Artikal Music)
Filth – Skream (Tempa)
Walter White – Seven (Uprise audio)
Go to war – Seven (Uprise audio)
Afraid of me – Jack Sparrow (Deep Medi)
Natural Mystic – VIVEK (on the edge)
Make Me – Skream (Tempa)
Candyfloss (loefah remix) – Serach and destroy (Hotflush recordings)
Sirens – Seven (Tempa)
Beat it -Michael Jackson (Epic)
Pulse X – Musical Mob (inspired sounds records)
Lost Highway – Stealth & Altair (Uprise audio)
Alicia – Mala (white label)






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