TRG – Broken Heart

Featured as No.1 in this weeks chart on the GetDarker Show on Rinse FM last night; We’ve been waiting for this one for a while now, and we’re pleased to say it’s been worth it. TRG’s ‘broken heart’ was a big favourite of ours last year and put Hessle Audio firmly on the dubstep map as a label to reckoned with, and we’ve been proven right so far with the killer releases from Pangaea and Untold under their belt.


Martyn’s refix of ‘Broken heart’ is probably one of the most affecting dubstep tracks i’ve heard in a loooong time, the original is class but Martyn has tempered the raving elements and pushed forward with some delicious deep house styled chord changes whilst refitting the rhythm inna broken beat style for an altogether deeper dubstep experience, easily warranting the hype built up on message boards and justifying the extensive play from respected DJs like Appleblim and Kode 9. Ramadanman’s remix of ‘broken heart’s B-side, ‘Put you down’ removes the growling hardcore elements of the original and replaces them with invisible sub hits and a toned 2-step flex which in it’s own right is pretty ace, but doesn’t improve on the material. That said, this is simply an essential dubstep 12″ and blows 99% of the other stuff out of the murky water. Sick.

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