Smooth Operator – Silkie

Deep Medi’s Silkie came down to Broad Casting at Cargo last Thursday for what we were calling a ‘listening session’.

The idea was nicked from some nice people I met in Croatia who told me that they used to run listening parties in bars when a new album came out, so that all the people that were into music could hear it – even if they didn’t have the money to buy it.

Our take was to combine a short version of the interviews that happen each year at the Red Bull Music Academy with an exclusive opportunity to hear man like Silkie’s forthcoming debut album – in a Silent Disco stylee (don’t ask… unless you want a long answer about sound bleed).

So we talked, covering everything from Silkie’s early days playing Slow Jams on React FM to the state of his bedroom studio set up, and every now and again we’d instruct the listening heads to put on their headphones for a blast of City Limits Vol 1.

Mizz Beats sat in the corner looking shy when Purple Love came on, Silkie filled us in on what everyone else in ASE is up to, and then when the sounds of the free BBQ and the musician behind us playing guitar got too much, we wrapped it up. But not before man like Solomon told us the one thing he’d learned about London since he’d been city-hopping as an in-demand international DJ: that London is way bigger than most places.

There will be more of the same (14 days of major music names and ridiculously-equipped studios run by the likes of Sa Ra’s Om’Mas Keith and DJ Zinc, have a look at the website to get the lowdown) at the Red Bull Music Academy, which will be happening in London in early 2010. Closing date July 27th.


Photo of Silkie and Emma Warren by Debbie Brag and Everynight.


Words: Emma Warren

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