Dubstep Allstars Vol 3 – Mixed by Kode 9

Featuring Skream, Digital Mystikz, Loefah, Plasticman, Burial, D1, Geeneus and N-Type. F*ck me! Bringing the sound of dubstep thundering from Britain’s clubs, ‘Dubstep Allstars Vol.3’ is the latest instalment in Tempa’s knob-on mix series; this time put under the trusted steerage of Kode 9.

Opening on his own ‘Nine Samurai’ and closing an hour later with Burial’s ‘Prayer’, what lies between is a grubby-trainer through the speaker of electronic music’s old guard; with the likes of Skream (contributing a whopping four tracks!), Loefah and DJ Krave all serving the kind of spleen shaking missives that bypass the ear and feed straight on your soul.

With particular attention worth paying to Geiom’s astonishing sample odyssey ‘Overnight Biscuits’ and the rare-as-hens-teeth ‘Prayer’ from Burial, ‘Dubstep Allstars Vol.3’ is inspirational, obtuse and raw-as-f*ck. Get it bought.




1. Kode 9 – Nine Samurai
2. Pressure & Warrior Queen – Dem A Bomb We
3. Geeneus – You Know Me
4. Digital Mystikz – Haunted
5. Skream – I (loefah Remix)
6. D1 – Bamboo
7. Skream – Groovin
8. Digital Mystikz – New Life Baby Paris
9. Calenda – Forever
10. Digital Mystikz – Heartless Ninja
11. Skream – 0800
12. Digital Mystikz – Molten
13. Skream – Tortured Soul
14. Digital Mystikz – Intergalactic
15. Loefah – Ruffage
16. Dj Krave – Minor Skank
17. N-type – Way Of The Dub
18. Skream – Colourful
19. Benga – Mammoth (plasticman Remix)
20. Random Trio – Haunted Remix (dj Cyrus)
21. Skream – Korma
22. D1 – Et
23. Plasticman – Unhappy Shopper
24. Blackdown – Dis/east
25. Geiom – Overnight Biscuits
26. D1 – Cocaine
27. Random Trio – Rebel
28. Burial – Prayer



Original Source: Boomkat.com


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  1. This album is so eternal to me.It starts out jumping and fun then ends all sad with an amnesia like nostalgia. Beautiful.

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