Drumz Of The South aka Georgina Cook is running a Kickstarter Crowdfund for her new book to print “The Dubstep Years 2004 – 2007”

Those of you who’ve been around the scene from early will know there was only one certified photographer in Dubstep; Georgina Cook – also known as the alias of the legendary blog – Drumz of The South.

Some of her work has become iconic, particularly from key events such as DMZ, FWD, and photos from the biggest radio show to ever broadcast – Mary Anne Hobbs’s Dubstep Warz on Radio 1 back in 2006.

Planned for release December this year; Drumz Of The South: The Dubstep Years 2004-2007 will be a book of photos from these important years – included with her incredible work will include handwritten notes and maps that she made at the time.

A kickstarter campaign has just launched, with a target of £20,000 to cover printing costs. If more is raised we may expect to see a mini tour, hopefully including a stop off at our home turf of Croydon 🙂

Large up Georgina!

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