DMZ destroyed Brixton – again

DMZ this January was a sensational road block of an event. Never have I ever seen a crowd go so wild for the Digital Mystikz..ever..but before I skip to the juicy bits let me just give you a brief rundown of DMZ, what it is, and where it takes place…

DMZ is an event that occurs once every two months in Brixton Mass, London – on the alternate month it takes place at its second home at Leeds West Indian Centre. Stepping up from your smaller venues such as Plastic People and Corsica Studios – DMZ brings the masses together in a more “ravey” style event which according to the Mass website, holds about 500 people – but with everyone skanking wildy when the DJ’s drop their bombs, it feels like hell of alot more.

The key thing that most regular DMZ go’ers will understand is that no matter where a Dubstep event is held, there is always something special when it is back inside Mass, whether its the friendly family vibe or the venue – nothing can step in the way and replace that.

At this particular event and a few of the recent predecessors – it wasn’t as some may say, a “Tempa Fest” but also featured a varied starting lineup consisting of (in order of appearance); Orson, Blackdown b2b Dusk, Heny G b2b Silkie, Digital Mystikz, Distance, Benga and N-Type.

I never made it intime to catch the whole of Orson’s set but I know if he played similar to what he did at the Big Apple Xmas Party in December, he would have smashed it to peices anyways.

Next was Blackdown & Dusk with a little hint of spice they dropped a whole random collection of personal productions that I have never heard before because it was the first time I have seen them, to Burial and even a Dirty Goodz track and even a Wiley track too! – pure mashup! There was a few tracks I heard that had this Indian vibe comming from them, especially one in particular and by looking at the tracklist and cross referencing it with their myspace, it is entitled Badla Lata Ka – sick sick tune!

Stepping up next was two of Anti-Social Entertainments finest Sub Soldiers – Heny G and Silkie. I travelled to a Leeds DMZ in October 2007 and watched Silkie, ConQuest and j5 perform but never got the chance to watch Heny G go back to back with someone, infact, if I remember right the last time I saw Heny was at House Party 2 in a secret location in Hackney Wick. But I made sure I got to DMZ this time, to see these guys (not forgetting the rest!) – Pure energy and vibes coming from these two…mastering the deckle and getting everyone moving warmed up for the Digital Mystikz.

Now, these guys, Mala and Coki – also known as the Digital Mystikz are the destroyers of ear drums and especially Coki, the sort of guy who looks quite content but lets everything go when it comes down to his production. I was lucky enough to catch some footage of 10 minutes of pure madness of these two and it was totally worth it. Started off with a dub track from Mala and then the show was quickly thrown into gear and accelerated into a crowd thumping rollercoaster. Tearing it up constantly this is something definately to experience! Mala dropped some new unheard material and mixing was on top form! Coki however demolished all the vibes Mala created with some angry productions and everyone was going MENTALLLLLL!

The time came to put the camera away briefly, into my pocket it went weighing my hoody down but of course, it was time to skank out to Distance. Standing in a corner of the room on a sofa chair thing near to what is now known as the “disability corner” – I was doin pure acrobatics in order not to fall off! Headstrung…anthem..still unreleased but would give my right arm to grasp a copy. No Sunshine trickled its way into my ears and a glorious sense of euphoria filled the room. That melody…definately no sunshine in Mass but this tune always brightens up everyone.

Alas, time to duck out – Been up since 8am – can’t soldier it like some people but I had a thorough good time. Gutted I didnt stay for the rest of Distances set or even Benga’s and especially N-Types!

But for all those reading that want to head down to DMZ, or even to England for DMZ – The third birthday coming up is one special reason to visit and make sure you pack your kodak too!

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