Benga Interview – Future Music

Somewhere on the outskirts of Croydon, the 21-year-old Benga is sat in his bedroom studio, rocking out to the cone-melting bass lines of his latest work-i n-progress. The curtains are drawn, and he’s unsure whether it’s night or day. His shocking puff of afro hair sprays outwards from his dome like the petals on a flower, soaking up the white glow of a computer monitor, the only light in the room.

It’s in this room that the magic happens. From this bedroom studio, Benga has been transmitting his unique blend of infectious top lines, hammer-hard drum programming, and call-to-arms bass to the world. His fans span the genres. Besides underground, and increasingly commercial radio, Hot Chip, Plastikman, and Laurent Garnier are all avid followers of his sound. His sound is Dubstep, and it’s about to take over.

Dubstep is the genre on everyones lips. It grew out of the Grime, UK Garage movement that rang from the clubs and tower blocks in many an inner city. It’s as influenced by the style of Minimal Techno as it is Dub, and it progresses so fast that by the time you’ve read this sentence it may well have absorbed another clutch of genres.

The Big Apple crew of Dubplate dramatist DJ Hatcha, Garage don Arthur ‘Artwork’ Smith and owner John Kennedy have been instrumental in the Benga’s growth.


Original Source: Future Music magazine

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