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Coki to release new EP on DMZ

July 17, 2012

Coki is set to release a new EP on DMZ, titled 'Don't Get it Twisted Vol 2' and will consist of four stompers, including the trademark bottom-end filled twisted smashers that only Coki is capable of dropping upon us

REVIEW – The Others – The Way You Make Me EP

Over the last few years The Others has put out a series of impressive original productions and remixes that are set to culminate in his debut artist album for the label, ‘Red Planet. Returning for the first time since last year’s ‘First Flight’ EP we are proud to announce the first single from the album, ‘The Way You Make Me’.

DJG – Rivet

May 14, 2012

Rivet from DJG turnt everyone's head for the past few months, and we're pleased to announce; Rivet will be released in June on GetDarker 005. Also, we're flying him over for our next event at Cable, London on June 1st.

TEC054 Distance- Reboot/Bazurk Review

February 6, 2012

Yet another huge release has come our way, this time from Tectonic. The latest is from dungeon master, Distance. Reboot/Bazurk (TEC054) hears Distance’s sound coming through loud and clear full of perfect distortion and mastered reverberation.

Kryptic Minds – Talisman

January 8, 2012

Without doubt one of their finest! Rumours are that Tectonic have got their hands on this; and we hope the whispers are true! If we done ratings, this would score the maximum.

16Bit – Dinosaurs

August 23, 2011

Dinosaurs’ opens with 16bit’s signature orchestral provenance, complete with snarling sound effects and an intense film-score style build up. And then the T-Rex turns and bites your head right off! Pounding chunks of bass slam into your chest as sparse beats keep the momentum moving effortlessly. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any heavier, the second drop rips your guts right out with grizzly bass notes and teeth sharper than a velociraptor’s intellect.

Lost – Mursh

July 18, 2011

Lost flips the script again, and presents more versatility with this hitter. Very few people have their hands on it, but keep eye on the Hench & Sin City member, big big track!

LX One – You VIP

July 17, 2011

LX One gives the VIP treatment to You', no release details yet, though whilst the original is huge, this one may remain just for the VIP DJs.