Mønic – Studio Mix – January 2014

Mønic – Studio Mix – January 2014
January 28, 2014 / 11:50 pm

Its no secret that Kryptic Minds have now split into two different paths, with Leon Switch moving to Chestplate, and Si coming with a new alias ‘Mønic’ – with this studio mix below covering some forthcoming material from Osiris.







Killawatt – Too Early
Avichi Original Mix
Sleeparchive – Hospital 01
Mønic – Open Water
L.B dub Corp – Take It Down (In Dub)
Ike Yard – Loss – Regis Remix
Function – Descending
Audio Injection – Kegerator
Planetary Assault Systems – Rip The Cut
Planetary Assault Systems – Voltan
Dadub – Foreshadowed
Mønic – Untitled
Regis – Blood Witness
Oscar Mulero – Nothing To Prove
Sleeper – Burn The Bridge
Sleeper – Simulation Theory
Mønic – Untitled
Drumcell – Disturbance – Tommy Four Seven Remix

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