Mary Anne Hobbs, Statix, Nochexxx & Moving Ninja – Radio One – 29.07.2009

Mary Anne Hobbs on BBC Radio One with Statix, Moving Ninja & Nochexxx



The Gaslamp Killer – ‘Intro B’ from the EP ‘My Troubled Mind’ (Brainfeeder)
P.U.D.G.E – ‘Moonlight Radio’ (Dubplate)
Silkie – ‘Spark’ from the LP ‘City Limits Vol 1’ (Deep Medi Musik)
Health – ‘In Heat’ from the LP ‘Get Colour’ (City Slang)
Hovatron feat Resun – ‘Delorian Driver’ (White Label)
Akira Kiteshi – ‘Boom & Pow’ (Black Acre)
Numan – ‘Secrets’ (Dubplate)
Landslide – ‘Parables’ [Ramadanman remix] (Dubplate)
Synkro – ‘Good Lovin’ (Dubplate)
Sweat.X – ‘I’m That Alley’ (Citinite)
Grimelock – ‘T Rox’ (Jemenfish)

Statix in the Mix
Koan Sound – ‘Akira’ (Screwloose records)
Statix – ‘Intergalactic Temples’ (Dubplate)
Statix & Frilla – ‘How Do I Feel’
Statix – ‘Mind Over Matter’ (Screwloose Records)
Statix – ‘Vexation’ (Dubplate)
Koan Sound – ‘Burnt Banana’ (Screwloose records)
Statix – ‘Devoid Of A Soul’ (Dubplate)
Statix & Central Spillz – ‘What Ya Know About?’ (Dubplate)
Statix & Broken man – ‘Unuseless Japanese Invention’ (Dubplate)
Statix – ‘Yona Guni’ (Dubplate)
Chasing shadows – ‘Ill’ (Dubplate)
Statix – ‘Rude Awakening’ (Dubplate)
Kahn – ‘Stalker’ (Screwloose records)
Wedge & Shadz – ‘Move To The Sound’ (M4 Records)
Statix & Brokenman – ‘Download’ (Dubplate)
Statix – ‘Purgatory’ (Dubplate)
Statix – ‘One Of Those Days’ (Dubplate)


Nochexxx in the Mix
Nochexxx – ‘Rinse Dreams’ (Dub)
Nochexxx – ‘Sinbliss’ (Werk Discs)
Nochexxx – ‘Pulling Reptiles’ (Dub)
Nochexxx vs Zacky Force Funk – ‘Percentage Split’ (ZFF Remix)
Nochexxx – ‘Cola Duck’ (Ramp Recordings)
Nochexxx – ‘3 Stage Debauche’ (Dub)
Moving Ninja in the Mix
Moving Ninja – ‘Ankoku Butoh’ (Aquatic Lab Sessions Vol. 1)
(Emptyset) – ‘Gate 4’ (Untitled LP)
Moving Ninja – ‘False Flag’ [Kryptic Minds Remix]
Moving Ninja – ‘Dwaer’ (Dub)
Matka – ‘Somnambulic’ [Moving Ninja Remix] (Creative Space)
Paul Jebanasam – ‘Heavens Opened’ (Excerpt)
Arvo Pärt – ‘Da Pacem Domine for String Quartet’ (A Place Between)

Cooly G – ‘Love Dub’ (Hyperdub)
St Andrew – ‘Cosmic Terror’ from the ‘Cosmic Terror EP’ (1320 Records)
Foamo feat Shiftee – ‘Wardance’ [Raffertie Remix] (Dubplate)
Webb – ‘Theme’ (Dubplate)
Blue Daisy feat Anneka – ‘Raindrops’ (Dubpate)
ME:MO – ‘Chocorange’ Remix from the LP ‘Acoustic View’ (White Label)

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