Mary Anne Hobbs, Cluekid, Cotti, Heny G & J5 – Radio 1 – 24.09.2008

Mary Anne with 4 UK dubstep heavyweights: Cotti, Cluekid, Heny G + Jay 5ive





TRG – ‘Decisions’ (Tempa)
African Simba & Rootah – ‘Alternative Power’ from the LP ‘Jahtarian Dubbers Volume 1’ (Jahtari)
Pangea – ‘Router’ (Hessle Audio)
Paul White – ‘We Want It All’ (One Handed Music)
MOVES!!! – ‘Playaz’ (Dress 2 Sweat)
Peverlist – ‘Clunk Click Every Trip’ (Dubplate)

Madlib feat Guilty Simpson – ‘Go!’ (Rapster)
RSD – ‘Forward Youth’ (Tectonic)



DJ Heny.G & DJ Jay 5ive

Silkie – ‘Concrete Jungle’ (Deep Medi)
Silkie ‘Test’ (Deep Medi)
DJ Heny.G – ‘Arena 1’ (Gangsta Boogie Music)
Kromestar – ‘My Sound’ (Dubstar)
DJ Heny.G – ‘Retro Love’ (Gangsta Boogie Music)
Conquest – ‘The Unknown’ (Dub)
DJ Heny.G – ‘Candy’ (Gangsta Boogie Music)
Silkie – ‘Sty’ (Deep Medi)
DJ Heny.G – ‘Delayed Style’ (Gangsta Boogie Music)
Kromestar – ‘Grey Thought’ (Dub)
DJ Heny.G – ‘1985’ Kromestar Remix (Gangsta Boogie Music)



Cotti & Cluekid

Cluekid & LD – ‘Intro’ (Dubplate)
Cluekid – ‘Weed Smuggler’ (Bullfrog)
Cotti – ‘Nah Go Dung Deh’ (Aquatic Lab)
Cotti feat. Jammer, Slickman, P Money – ‘Calm Down’ (Bassface)
Cluekid – ‘Time to Let Go’ (Dubplate)
Cluekid – ‘Drum Pan Sound’ (Dubplate)
Cotti – ‘Bring The Noise’ (Dubplate)
Cotti vs Chef – ‘End of the Road’ (Dubplate)
Cluekid vs LD – ‘I Don’t Wanna Cry’ (Dubplate)
Cluekid – ‘Give em Da Bass’ (Dubplate)
Cotti – ‘Ek Der’ (remix)
Cotti – ‘Eartworm Jim’ (Dubplate)
Cluekid feat. Arorah – ‘Soulvibe’ (Dubplate)
Cluekid – ‘Electric Avenue’ (Dubplate)
Cotti feat. Jammer, Slickman – ‘Dem Fi Know’ (Dubplate)
Cotti – ‘ Lost & Found’ (Dubplate)
Cluekid – ‘Lethal Blow’ (Dubplate)
Cluekid – ‘Monkey Style’ (Subbalicious)
Cotti feat. Kingpin – ‘Nah Go dung Deh’ (vocal) (-30)

Virus Syndicate – ‘Apollo’ Various Production remix from the LP ‘Sick Pay’ (Planet Mu)

Zed Bias feat Ghost 1 and Jay Electronica – ‘The Cauldron’ (Sidestepper)
Untold – ‘Discipline’ (Hemlock)

Squarepusher – ‘The Coathanger’ from the album ‘Just a Souvenir’ (Warp)

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