Mary Anne Hobbs – Best of 2008 – BBC Radio 1 – 24.12.2008

Mary Anne Hobbs presents the Best of 2008, on BBC Radio 1, including mixes from Hudson Mohawke, Silkie & Quest, Joker, Pangaea, LD, Martyn and Flying Lotus.



Mary Anne Hobbs – Best of 2008 – BBC Radio 1 – 24.12.2008 by Getdarker on Mixcloud



T++ – ‘Audio 1995 8’ (Apple Pips)

Hudson Mohawke in the Mix: Playback from 30th July
Aardvarck – ‘Water’ (Nod Navigators)
Mammal Ft Chris Brown/TPain – ‘Kiss Kiss’ (Mo Twrk)
Hudson Mo – ‘Zo0o0m’ (unreleased 2006)
Hudson Mo – ‘Open Lock’ (unreleased 2005)
Heralds of Change (Hudson Mo & Mike Slott) – ‘Work That’ (All City Records)
Hudson Mo – ‘Girders loop’ (unreleased 2007)
Hudson Mo – ‘Returning’ (Unreleased 2007)
Hudson Mo – ‘Dip It Low’ (unreleased 2007)

Pangaea in the Mix: Playback from 22nd October
Pangaea – ‘Bear Witness’ (Unreleased)
Pangaea – ‘You & I’ (Hessle Audio)
Pearson Sound – ‘Gambetta’ (Unreleased)
Pangaea – ‘Mosaix’ (Unreleased)
Unknown – ‘Unknown’ (Unreleased)
Pangaea – ‘Router’ (Hessle Audio)
Untold – ‘I Can’t Stop This Feeling’ (Unreleased)
Pangaea – ‘Memories’ (Unreleased)

Sunken Foal – ‘Of Low Count & Light Pocket’

Hyetal – ‘We Should Light A Fire’ (Dubplate)

Silkie & Quest… Chosen by Mala for Generation Bass: Playback from 20th August
Conquest – ‘Stand’ (Deep Medi)
Silkie – ‘Dam 4’ (Soul Jazz)
Conquest – ‘Hard Food’ (Ase)
Silkie – ‘Test’ (Dubplate)
Conquest – ‘Last Dayz’ (Dubplate)
Conquest – ‘The Seafront’ (Deep Medi)
Silkie – ‘The Horizon’ (Dubplate)
Silkie & Mizzbeats – ‘Purple Love’ (Dubplate)

Joker in the Mix for Bristol:Rise Up: Playback from 2nd December
Rsd – ‘Trample’ [Joker Mix] (Dub)
Joker – ‘Untitled.Rsn’ (Dub)
Joker – ‘Digidesign’ (Dub)
Joker -‘There She Go’s’ (Dub)
Joker -‘Do It!!!’ (Dub)
Joker & Ginz – ‘Purple City’ (Dub) P*mp Style

Pinch ‘Joyride’ (Tectonic)

Flying Lotus Live At Sonar: Playback from 25th June

LD in the Mix: Playback from 22nd October
Cluekid Vs L.D. – ‘The Intro’ (Ringo Records)
Benga Vs L.D. – ‘Yes Yes’ (Ringo Records)
L.D. – ‘Green Ranger’ (2nd Drop Records)
Kode 9 Vs L.D. – ‘Bad’ (Hyperdub)
Benga Vs L.D. – ‘3 Phase’ (Ringo Records)
Cluekid Vs L.D. – ‘Not Going 2 Cry’ (Bullfrog Beats)
L.D. – ‘Wood Block’ (Dubplate)
L.D. – ‘Oh Yeah’ (Dubplate)
L.D. – ‘Do You Mind’ (Dubplate)
L.D. – ‘Piece In Our Culture’ (Dub Police)

LV in the mix for the Hyperdub Label Showcase: Playback from 3rd September
Burning Spear – ‘The Invasion’ (LV Dub)
LV & Errol Bellot – ‘Don’t Judge’
LV – ‘Oily Dub’
LV – ‘Face of God’ [Instrumental]
LV – ‘Takeover’ (Dub)
LV & Dandelion – ‘CCTV’
LV – ‘Twice’
LV – ‘Hasty’
LV – ‘Dream Cargo’ [LV remix]

Autechre in the Mix: Playback from 27th February
Track listing unavailable at present

Martyn in the Mix: Playback from 9th July
Can – ‘Future days’ [Carl Craig Blade Runner mix] (white label)
Martyn – ‘Vancouver’ (3024)
Martyn – ‘Hear me’ (3024)
2562 – ‘Old Town’ (Unreleased)
Pangaea – ‘Router’ (Unreleased)
Martyn – ‘Twenty Four’ (3024)
Flying Lotus – ‘Roberta Flack’ [Martyn’s Heart Beat Mix] (Warp)





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