Ghost Records – Live at Big Apple Records Xmas Party – December 2000

Ghost Records, EL-B, Roxy, Rolla and Reese perform live in Croydon @ Big Apple Records Xmas party December 2000.
This night was very important in the evolution of Garage as it morphed into Dubstep. Big Apple was a Garage music specialist and for their Xmas party of 2000 they hired Ghost to do a live set, show casing their deeper 2 step sound. The night also introduced Dj Hatcha who headlined the bill. Where previously Garage djs mixed up the darker beats with more commercial sounding tracks, his set comprised only of the deeper sounds by new artists such as Wookie, Zed Bias, Oris Jay and Sounds of the future. The crowd contained many producers, distributors and label managers who went on to push the scene.

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