Darkside: Forward Thinking 001

Darkside releases his new podcast series, mixing & presenting the new Forward Thinking podcast from GetDarker, expect the latest tracks and info from the underground circuit.





Truth & Taso – Justify (forthcoming Tempa)
District – Roys Theme (Chestplate)
D-Operation Drop – ?? (forthcoming Lion Charge)
Kromestar & Jay 5ive – Deepest Fears (Bass n Love)
Tunnidge – Rukkus (exclusive)
Mesck – Colluson (forthcoming Chestplate)
Bukez Finezt – Under Control (Sub Way)
Dark Tantrums ft. Selah – Levitation (Origin Audio)
VIVEK – Rockers (dubplate)
The Others – Amazonia VIP (forthcoming Dub Police)
Lost – Roxanne (forthcoming RVRSL)
Quest – The Oceans of Time (forthcoming Nebula Music)






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