Von D ft Alys be – I Can’t Sleep (2011 Original Mix) – FREE DOWNLOAD

There was a bit of a controversy on Dubstepforum way back … because this vocal was released by Kryptic Minds, but this is was the original mix, but Von D decided to never release and keep it as a dub … after all this time, long over-due, he’s decided to give this one out for free!









  1. This track was originally recorded for headhunter. He wasn’t keen on the beat in the end so the accapella got sent to kryptic minds then von d respectively! Kryptic Minds heard the von d version on sub fm and said Youngsta had been playing their version so I would say its a stretch to call this the original mix! I’m not even sure this version was called can’t sleep but I might be wrong about that!

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